Polycrystalline mullite fiber modules in the installation of the heating furnace of steel rolling

Polycrystalline mullite fiber paste module construction is simple, the point is:

(1) removing ash on the surface of the furnace body and nodular, make it smooth and clean;

(2) on the top cover and fiber cover all coated with a layer of special high temperature binder, according to certain rules be put paste, flatten it with the wood;

(3) on the surface of flat fiber sprayed with a layer of curing agent.

Experience shows that in order to guarantee the construction quality, attention should be paid to the following:

1) furnace surface must level off, clean;

(2) high temperature adhesive layer should be evenly;

(3) paste fiber to each other when a certain amount of compression. Expects its service life can reach more than 3 years.

Polycrystalline mullite fiber on the paste, in use process there may be a falls off phenomenon. The main reason is:

(1) the construction is not reasonable;

(2) the flame directly scour polycrystalline mullite fiber surface.

So before construction must clean surface of furnace body, and in strict accordance with the construction program for the construction. At the same time, the heater will often see the billet in the process of operation in the operation of the furnace, so as to avoid scratching the surface of polycrystalline mullite fiber.

Used in heating furnace roof, furnace wall polycrystalline mullite fiber, can obtain certain economic benefits, but also greatly improve the operating environment, at the same time also has certain protective effect for heating furnace top, can prolong its service life.

The use of polycrystalline mullite fiber, has the following points:

(1) improve the way of heating rate, reduce the billet heating pipe after black imprint, reduces the oxygenation loss of billet;

(2) paste after the crystal fiber, energy saving effect is obvious;